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Michael Katz obtained his Bachelor of Architecture in South Africa and his Masters degree in Urban Design at the University of Toronto. He established Katz Architecture Ltd. in Vancouver in 1971 and offers his clients broad experience in Architecture, Urban Design and Development Planning.

Katz Architecture has designed and built many outstanding projects that reflect their unique and innovative design vision. Under the direction of Mr. Katz, the office strives to create design solutions, individual to each project and to each client, all executed with meticulous attention to detail.

Mr. Katz has spent a lifetime in innovation. He is the author of numerous published Patents and is the designer of the Pocketop, the world’s first universal, folding, mobile keyboard. The Pocketop, (also marketed as the MicroInnovations Wireless Link) was sold in 15,000 stores in the US, Canada, France, England and Germany.

This spirit of Innovation generates his Architecture and Urban Design and whether it is designing a keyboard, a building or a city, he seeks fresh ways to provide meaningful and aesthetic design solutions.

His original designs for high-density, affordable, housing have been utilized extensively by Government and private enterprise. Presently he is engaged on the L41 home, an ultra-compact, sustainable, high-design, high-quality, energy-efficient house which will make it possible for the millions of people who otherwise could not afford to buy a house to become homeowners.

As Chief Planner for Grosvenor International, the Development arm of the Duke of Westminster, one of the largest property owners in the world, he was responsible for the Planning and Urban Design of a large number of major projects, including Wailea in Maui, one of the world’s leading resorts.

His experience in Development Planning has resulted in a large number of successful rezonings, from small projects to New Towns and major resorts.

Having been one of three principals of Hillcon Developments Ltd., with projects valued at $159M, Mr. Katz combines his design and innovation skills with an extensive knowledge of the real estate market and development Industry.

Mr. Katz is a mentor to final year students at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia and is a member of the Architectural Institute of B.C.

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