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False Creek.
Rezoning of 10 acres from "Industrial" to "Comprehensive Development" in Vancouver B.C. to provide 400 residential units all facing the water-view. A disproportionately large amount of "water-space" was allocated for harbors and a continuous "harbor walkway" was created.
The design won the competition for the East Phase of False Creek up to the Cambie Bridge.
Rezoning of 1,600 acres from "Agricultural" to "Resort" on the Island of Maui in Hawaiii. Wailea is recognized as one of the world's premier holiday resorts. The development presented an opportunity to provide excellence in Urban Planning and to allow every building to benefit from the beautiful beach-front  site.
Greentree Village.
Rezoning of 50 acres from "Cemetery" to "Comprehensive Development" for 500 units in Burnaby, B.C., Greentreee provided more useable open space than the traditional singe-family subdivision and became the subject of a CMHC research report, distributed across Canada as an example of excellence in Urban Planning.
As an additional service, Katz Architecture offers Development Planning Consulting to assist clients in the complex City Hall approval processes for Development Applications involving outright-use, conditional-use and rezonings.
As principal of Katz Architecture Ltd., former Chief Planner for Grosvenor, one of the world's largest real-estate holdings and having been one of three partners in Hillcon Developments, with $159M built and/or planned developments, Michael Katz is responsible for the planning and rezoning of many major developments.
Katz Architecture is able to provide the Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Development expertise and negotiating skills necessary to insure that the development and rezoning applications are well received by the various jurisdictions and profitable for the owners.
Selected rezonings: