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In addition to his innovations in Architecture and Urban Design, Michael Katz is the author of many patents and patent pendings for mobile folding keyboards and cellphone software applications.
He invented the world's first Universal IR folding, mobile, keyboard and founded The Pocketop Computer Corporation to produce the devices. The keyboard was manufactured and sold in 15,000 stores in the US, Canada, England, France and Germany.
The keyboard was hailed by reviewers worldwide and received many awards. The New York Times stated that it "may be the Underwood of the Palmtop generation", Forbes called it "certainly impressive" and Computer Shopper awarded it "Best PDA Keyboard - 2002".
Mr. Katz is the founder of "Cellexperience Technologies Inc." a company to market numerous applications he has authored for Smartphones and cellphones.
Based on his knowledge and experience in design, innovation, manufacturing and bringing a product to market, he provides a consulting service to the High Tech Industry.
In both 2004 and 2005, Mr. Katz was chosen as a Finalist for the Manning Innovation Award, Canada's most prestigious annual awards program for Canadian innovators.
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