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Skinner House.
Located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, this 7,000 sq. ft. house is tucked into the hill below the road. The design of the house is generated by the spectacular views, one of the city, the other of the islands. One wing is canted towards the active, city view, the second towards the tranquil, island view.
Two large internal courtyards serve as major design elements. They create a house with two-sided, light-filled rooms which flow easily between each other and the outside. The front of the house opens onto the lower garden and pool.
Hector House.
The Hector house is built on a 33’ wide lot overlooking the ocean and city in Vancouver, British Columbia. The house is entered via a central landscaped courtyard.
To suit the casual lifestyle of the owner, the house was designed with open planning, large decks and connection to the outdoor spaces.
Hardisty House.
The house is built on a steeply sloping site overlooking the ocean in West Vancouver, British Columbia.
Because the lot drops sharply away from the road, the house is entered at the third floor level which includes the kitchen, dining and master suite, all connected together by a longitudinal terrace overlooking the forest-garden. To take advantage of the ocean-view, the living room has been located on the top floor and includes a roof-garden.
The house was carefully sited amongst large, existing trees, with one tree actually splitting the driveway into two lanes.
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